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January 2009, Issue No. 69
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Contest ResultsóRenaming Our Newsletter!
Faisal Siddiqi, FSA

As you know, last year we conducted a contest to rename the Pension Section News (PSN). The name has not changed in over 20 years and with a new generation of members joining the Pension Section since the newsletter’s inception, it seemed like a good time to consider renaming our newsletter.  We received 69 entries.  The entries had a lot of variety to them as you might expect.  Some of the entries were funny, some were strange, some were stranger, some were anagrams, some were questions, etc. —all of which showed a lot of creativity.

After careful consideration of all the entries, the Pension Section Communication Team narrowed the field to the following finalists:

  • Pension Section News
  • Pension Perspectives
  • Retirement Focus
  • Pension Focus
  • Pension Vision

We then asked newsletter readers to vote on these top five entries.  Believe it or not, there was a near-tie between Pension Section News and Pension Perspectives. So we had to have a runoff vote. It felt just like Bush/Gore all over again—the chads, the out-of-country votes, the referral to the judiciary.  After the runoff vote results were in, we finally had a winner.

And the winner is…..PENSION SECTION NEWS!!!!  

Steve Siegel suggested Pension Perspectives and he has won first prize in the contest.  Second prize went (in another tie!) to Mike Price for submitting Retirement Focus and Pension Vision and to Ray Berry for submitting Retirement Focus (as well) and Pension Focus. An honorary mention goes to Bob North for suggesting that we leave the name as is since, as he put it “...the name is an accurate description of what it is…” Thanks, Bob.

What were some of the other entries you ask?  Here you go and enjoy:

  • The Golden Egg
  • Eon Inspections (the anagram referred to earlier of “Pension Section”)
  • Survivor
  • Gains and Losses
  • db Noise
  • Pension Goal Posts
  • Pension Muses
  • Penchant for Pensions!
  • 65 and Counting
  • Annuity Bee
  • For Your Benefit
  • P.S.—What’s New?
  • Pension Pill

Thanks to everyone who sent in an entry.  Steve, Mike, and Ray’s prizes are in the mail.  Don’t forget to keep a list of any great newsletter names you happen to come up with, just in case we decide to hold another “Rename the PSN” contest for our newsletter’s 40th anniversary.

Faisal Siddiqi, FSA, FCIA, is a consultant with Towers Perrin in Toronto, Ontario.  He can be reached at

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